Sweet Leaf Pioneer’s strong relationship with the community has contributed to a healthey, thriving business that successfully endured the early difficulties that cannabis start-ups endured. We have grown from a small dispensary to an integrated cultivator-dispensary with a strong presence in Eagle, CO, and recently opened a brand new 12,000 square foot facility that serves patients and customers, and educates other dispensary owners on safe and productive operations.

Being long time locals, we felt that when dispensaries were just starting that Eagle needed one. Eagle COunty allowed them, and we knew The Town of Eagle would benefit from the medicinal products and the tax revenue.

Regulation is very important to us. Since medical and recreational legalization, we ensure the business is following all rules. It is important for the community, and our government to know that we are running a good business with good business practices.

Currently we have a retired RN to work with our medical patients. She has first hand experience and works with all different types of medicinal patients and will do research if anyone has questions. We price ourselves on being organic and locally grown. We are celebrating 10 years in business in February!

Source: Eagle Unveiled Magazine